Kool title if I do say so myself – and I do.

I’ve been researching this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ for almost a year. This is the age of Artificial Intelligence.

The summary is that for several years healthcare researchers have been collecting massive amounts of data. Last year IBM developed a new process that makes the Deep Learning software and computers process data in a matter hours instead of days or weeks. The result?

These software programs can make recommendations on the best course of treatment for an individual in record time. More people will be able to live fuller lives sooner and probably accomplish that in the first time around.

I heartily recommend the website: qz.com.

So many new things popping up. Check out my blog. Your eyes will be delighted you did!


I also write blogs at http://www.deepeducationweb.com Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks. All of the fields are driving the explosion in Healthcare also.Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neurol Networks the fields that are driving the explosive changes coming our way

http://www.dabbleduckbutts.com Oil, Gas, the Environments. We have to find ways to get the fullest possible benefit from each and to each. A Synergy of GrowthOil, Gas, the Environment We need all three so it is necessary to find common ground and common goals

www. newboldessential.com We follow the leaders that with their integrity, vision and hard work have developed this Great Nation. We need to look for those traits among us so that we can develop the leaders for those we are showing the way.We have followed others it is our turn to lead new leaders following behind us

http://www.mnnoreaster.com My unabashed Boosterism for the city of Duluth and Lake Superior. In December I shared a way to use fabulous and FREE images from sites like Unsplash! to make Christmas Cards and any card actually. No one else in the world will have THE CARDS YOU MAKE. You have them printed for about $1.00 each or send via email for free! My Unabashed Boosterism for the city of Duluth and Lake Superior

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